As infrared quantum dot (QD) technology unlocks more exciting applications in electronic devices, at Quantum Science we have been investing in the team that makes this advancement possible. 

Data from the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that 45% of new businesses fail within five years. Over this same time period, Quantum Science has thrived. Today, we offer QD materials that stand apart with unparalleled performance and sensitivity, and recently broke the performance barrier that had limited use cases for lead-free QDs with the achievement of INFIQ® materials sensitive to 1,550nm. This level of performance is unmatched elsewhere in the industry, so this milestone sets Quantum Science apart as a true leader in infrared QD technology. 

But as well as our unparalleled product offering, one of the reasons why Quantum Science has succeeded over these last five years is thanks to our workforce, and the effort we have put into developing it. 

In 2023, we are proud to say that Quantum Science boasts the world’s leading QD and semiconductor development and commercialisation team. With more than 300 years of collective experience in QD and semiconductor industries between them, our workforce is our most important resource, with skills and knowledge that are directly contributing to a revolution in short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging and sensing. 

Ever since our business was founded in 2018, we have recognised the importance of investing in our people. Over the years, we have participated in a variety of partnerships and other programmes to inject new skills and talent and identify opportunities for further learning. Alongside supporting our workforce with lifelong learning opportunities, such as mentoring, coaching, and training, working with universities on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships has enabled collaboration with postdoctoral graduates, meaning we could embed academic expertise directly into our teams. The knowledge we gained from this has been invaluable for all aspects of the business, from semiconductor device fabrication to reliability testing processes. 

Alongside our close work with the Innovate UK EDGE Programme, which saw scaleup directors embedded within the business to share their professional knowledge, we have been delighted at the support that we have received closer to home. At our headquarters at the Sci-Tech campus in Daresbury, Cheshire, UK, we have been able to take part in the Gold Partners initiative. This programme involves hand-picked service providers sharing their expertise with other SMEs on site, providing upskilling opportunities for essential business elements including operations and finance to IP and legal information. Through this opportunity, we have been able to significantly boost our productivity as our business has scaled. 

But as well as our internal development, Quantum Science has focused on providing external training wherever possible. Sci-Tech has excellent connections with local universities, conducting regular university careers fairs and other interactive events to put promising students in touch with the right potential employers for them. We have partnered with local educational and development institutes on projects to improve the quality and relevance of the training and education they provide and have hosted internships for young people interested in science. 

As the SWIR imaging and sensing market expands, expertise in infrared QD technology will be increasingly in demand. The work that we have done developing our team – and investing in future talent – has ensured Quantum Science is ready to serve the needs of the sector for years to come.   

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