Quantum Science Ltd is a technology leader in the nanomaterials industry
Our exciting new materials will change people’s lives.
We make advanced quantum dot materials which are used in infrared imaging and sensing applications.
Our low cost and high-quality quantum dots will transform the electronics and healthcare markets.  

We are committed to empowering the everyday life of the future with superior perception capabilities

We will transform the world with infrared vision.

We are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Infrared vision will help us explore the world by seeing beyond what the human eye can perceive.

Self-driving cars and drones will depend on the technology. Smart phone cameras will take high-resolution, finely-detailed pictures with improved low light performance. 

Quantum Science Ltd is taking us into the future.

It all starts with our INFIQ® quantum dots. 

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What will our future world look like?

There is a common belief that our future will be intelligent, and it is coming at an incredible speed. Which fundamental technologies will power our future lives?

We already have 5G for data transmission. A rapidly growing AI industry can now process data more efficiently and accurately. This requires additional high-quality data in the form of SWIR data. In the near future this will need to be captured on a massive scale.

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INFIQ® SWIR quantum dot technology for application to photodetectors and image sensors 

The machine sensing era is upon us. High performance infrared sensing will become critical to industries from medicine to defence. But how do the quantum dots that will power this revolution work? 

This whitepaper shares insights into how Quantum Science’s ground-breaking INFIQ® quantum dot technology offers state of the art optical performance for SWIR sensing. Our unique fabrication process removes the risk of defects and overcomes volume production barriers – unlocking low-cost sensing on a scale never seen before. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate and develop high quality quantum dot inks that absorb broadband infrared light and can be solution-processed to form defect-free infrared light sensitive thin films and devices, enabling high performance infrared sensing and imaging at a mass market affordable price.

Our Executive Team

Hao Pang_Headshot

Hao Pang

CEO & Founder

Dr Hao Pang is a founder and CEO of Quantum Science Ltd. Hao led the initial fundraising, developed the global business strategy, built the team and led the technology and IP development. Prior to founding Quantum Science, Hao held a vice president role at a leading LSE listed technology company, where he led a multi-million USD technology licensing deal, developed the supply chain and successfully introduced the technology into the global electronic markets. Dr Hao Pang has 19 years materials research and commercialisation experience. He has a PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde and a MBA from the Manchester Business School.

Steve Kelly


Mr Steve Kelly is a highly experienced non-executive director and business advisor with over 25 years at an executive level. He is CEO and founder of Northstar Advisors, a strategy advisory for technology start-ups, and the former CEO and founder of SmartKem Limited (2008-2018), a leading company in the field of organic semiconductors for flexible electronics. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO of Datalase Ltd between 2001 to 2008, where he successfully restructured and rebranded the company before its acquisition by SATO Holdings, and CTO of Kromacrop Inc. between 1993 to 2001. Steve gained his bachelor’s degree in Polymer Science and Technology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Duan (DSC02368)

Cong-Duan Vo


Dr Cong-Duan Vo is a CTO of Quantum Science Ltd.  Duan leads the R&D and overall technology infrastructure at QS. He worked in materials R&D for more than 20 years, with extensive experience in surface chemistry, polymer and inorganic nanoparticle synthesis and functionalisation, quantum dots inks, formulations, and films. He has published more than 30 scientific papers and patents, including several which are successfully used in quantum dot film production in the display and lighting industry. Duan pursued his PhD in chemistry from Dresden University of Technology before his postdocs at Universities of Freiburg, Sheffield, and Manchester. Prior to joining QS, he was the team leader of surface chemistry and product chemistry groups at a leading LSE listed nanotechnology company.

Lesley (DSC02610)

Lesley Smith

Head of IP and Partnership

Dr Lesley Smith has many years’ experience of Intellectual Property and Project Management (applying for and running NWDA, TSB/Innovate UK and EU projects) and R&D (110 publications and patents).

She was privileged to work at Manchester University with The Royal Society (post the Gleneagles G8 summit) on Sustainable Science Projects in Tanzania and Ghana. As Epichem Ltd’s Global Head of Research she applied for and was the project manager on UK SMART, EU (ESPRIT, BRITE-EURAM, EUREKA, FP6, FP7, etc.) and EOARD projects. After studying at Cambridge and London Universities she was the Group Leader of CdHgTe MOCVD at GEC Hirst [1986-91] where she ran UK MOD, EU RACE and US DARPA projects.

Stuart (DSC02361)

Stuart Stubbs

Product director

Dr Stuart Stubbs, as Product Director at Quantum Science Ltd., is responsible for the strategic development of QS technology and delivery according to customer requirements. He is a technology and product development expert with experience in taking a variety of optoelectronic devices from the proof-of-concept stage through to commercialisation. With over 10 years research experience ranging from lasers, semiconductors, nanotechnology, display technology and photovoltaics. During this time, he has lead device and engineering teams to deliver technology products to a wide array of customer profiles. A track record of innovation has led to 25 patents in quantum dot materials, processes and optoelectronic devices.

Stuart has worked on next generation display technology utilising quantum dots for hybrid QD-OLED devices, infrared quantum dot photodetectors and thin film photovoltaic devices based on CIGS materials. After graduating in Physics from Nottingham University it was at Manchester that he completed his PhD on the Photo-physics and applications of nanocrystal colloidal quantum dots.  

Takami (DSC02613)

Takami Kawakami


Mr Takami Kawakami is currently working on business development for Quantum Science‘s INFIQ® quantum dot technology. Prior to joining QS Takami worked at Sony Semiconductor Solutions on process device development and business development programs. He also led their sales and marketing teams. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas.

peter skabara QS

Peter Skabara

Chief scientific advisor

Professor Peter Skabara holds the Ramsay Chair of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow and has published over 190 papers and patents. He is a world leader in the synthesis of novel macromolecules and polymers as organic semiconductors, in particular, well-defined, multifunctional molecular systems, work recognised by The Royal Society’s Wolfson Merit Award. He is the recipient of The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Peter Day Award. His research management experience includes 16 EPSRC and 4 EU grants and he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C since its inception in 2013 until 2019. He has served as the theme lead and co-chair for a number of international conferences. He is the Director of Research at the University of Glasgow.

Simon Wallwork

Simon Wallwork


Mr Simon Wallwork has more than 30 years’ experience providing advice on acquisitions, disposals, private equity and public market transactions for a wide array of UK and international clients. 

He has worked in the technology sector for over 25 years, assisting more than 35 companies in development capital deals in the last two years alone. 

Key projects during the time have included giving strategic advice to a number of universities on their commercialisation strategies.

Simon is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board for BIONOW and a gold partner of Sci-Tech Daresbury Campus, where Quantum Science headquarters are located.

He is widely recognised as one of the leading corporate lawyers in the North West of England, and the most active in the region in Experian transactions between 2018-20.

Richard Curry

Richard Curry

Technical advisor

Professor Richard Curry is Vice-Dean for Research and Innovation at the University of Manchester. His research interests are based around the study and development of advanced material systems for photonic and electronic devices, and specifically the development of doped solid-state materials for quantum technologies. 

He leads the ~£10M EPSRC Programme Grant Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering, is co-lead of the UK EPSRC Materials for Quantum Network, and is a Research Area Lead for the Henry Royce Institute, the UK’s National Institute for Advanced Materials.


Shimura Masayuki

Commercialisation Director

Mr Shimura Masayuki is a highly experienced semiconductor veteran, with over 40 years of expertise in CMOS image sensor design, camera system development and new imaging technology research. 

Prior to joining Quantum Science, Shimura-san held several senior leadership positions at Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Huawei, and SK Hynix. He has 80 publications, including 70 patents. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in elementary particle experimental physics from Tsukuba University in Japan. Shimura-san will lead INFIQ® Technology’s commercialisation activities at Quantum Science.



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