QS quantum dot sensor

Infrared Quantum Dot Materials for Image Sensing

Our ground-breaking INFIQ® quantum dot technology enable image sensors to detect an ultra-wide range of wavelengths from visible to the infrared and beyond. INFIQ® QD sensors will be high resolution, more cost effective and significantly more efficient. Our infrared absorbing nanomaterials can disrupt high cost incumbent materials such as InGaAs and Ge using low cost and high throughput solution processing techniques. We partner with world leading semiconductor and device manufacturers to develop the next step in infrared image sensing technology.

Enabling sensors to see beyond the visible

Robotic cars, 3D Time-of-Flight, machine vision, augmented reality and IoT devices are some of the hyper growth markets in which sensors are required to accurately detect distance, depth and defects.

INFIQ® quantum dots are compatible with standard silicon based CMOS read out integrated circuits. Integrating our INFIQ® quantum dot absorbers directly onto the CMOS ROIC enables sensors with state-of-the-art resolution (<0.9 µm) at wavelengths beyond those accessible by monolithic silicon at an order of magnitude lower cost than III-V semiconductor flip-chip hybridised sensors.

See through vision in low visibility conditions such as in fog, snow or storms

Accurate image capture even in extreme low light conditions and true high dynamic range (HDR)

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