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We have designed advanced polymeric membranes for drinking water and use in various industrial applications. We aim to solve the current most challenging issues for water filtration membrane systems such as fouling and low flux.

Membrane fouling happens when materials such as particles, colloids, precipitate, organic and microbial contaminants deposit on a membrane surface or in membrane pores. This leads to severe decline in flux and the quality of the water produced. As a result, the energy used is increased and more frequent cleaning is required.

Flux is the measure of how much water passes through a unit area of membrane in a certain time period. Current commercial polymeric membranes exhibit low flux and get fouling within short operation time.

With solid expertise in resin formulation, surface modification and nanomaterials, we aim to develop the next generation membranes with high flux, strong anti-fouling property and improved durability at a lower price.

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