——Obtaining national technical support to push the boundary of QS’ materials innovation to the next level.

Quantum Science Ltd (QS), a leading British nanomaterials innovator and developer, was recently awarded an Analysis for Innovators (A4I) 2021 award from Innovate UK.


QS has successfully developed the best-in-class infrared quantum dots called INFIQ® QD. Its materials and technology have received high demand from industry. They are set to disrupt the multi-billion USD machine vision and sensing markets by their superior performance in optoelectronic devices used for mobile [VR/AR, low light imaging, eye tracking, face ID], automotive [LiDAR, gesture tracking], IoT devices, security and surveillance and spectrometers for healthcare, industrial and environmental applications.


To push the boundary of QS’ materials innovation and bring the best products to its partners, gaining a deep understanding of the materials’ properties and introducing the best materials engineering works have always been on top of QS’ innovation agenda.


The Innovate UK A4I award is designed to bring together the UK’s leading scientists and facilities, solutions and supports, and provide the best available resources to help QS achieve its growth goal. The A4I award demonstrates the UK’s National Measurement Institute’s recognition and support of QS’ innovative technology. Through access to world-class resources in this award, QS expects to further enhance its technical competitiveness and meet its customers’ needs.


Dr Hao Pang, founder and CEO of QS, comments:


“Through the Innovate UK funding and our partnership with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), new measurement techniques will be developed to provide insight into our leading INFIQ® quantum dot materials, which was not previously possible. This programme will accelerate our photodetector device programme, turbocharge the materials innovation process and bring the best products to our partners.”