Quantum Science Ltd’s secret is our world leading patented INFIQ® technology

Quantum Science Ltd produces the highest quality nanocrystals – INFIQ® quantum dots.

The materials are extremely light sensitive and show highly efficient conversion of light into electrical signals for Infrared sensors

Our INFIQ® technology allows us to precisely tune the size or bandgap of quantum dots to absorb broadband light, anywhere from the visible to the infrared range.

Quantum Science Ltd have developed quantum dot “inks” which are used to produce high-quality, defect-free, thin-film stacks. This low-cost single-step solution deposition is a perfect fit for the semiconductor industry’s wafer-scale processing.

The solution processability of INFIQ® quantum dot inks enables fabrication of optoelectronic devices on various form factors and flexible substrates using a single-step deposition process. This allows scalable, low cost-manufacturing, something which is impossible with competitive technology.

Advantages of INFIQ® quantum dots tech

The best-in-class infrared quantum dot materials

  • Broadband tunability from 800nm to 2400nm
  • Excellent stability [colloidal, air and thermal]
  • Excellent uniformity and optical performance
  • Excellent reproducibility and scalability
  • A broad range of high quality quantum dots are ready for sampling, including lead-based high performance quantum dots, lead-free quantum dots and eco quantum dots

The best-in-class infrared quantum dot ink

  • High performance photosensitive layers
  • Single layer solution processing
  • Defect free
  • Wafer scale processing
  • Low cost

The industry champion performance

  • Leading quantum dot device performance from NIR and SWIR obtained across all types of INFIQ® quantum dot materials

INFIQ® quantum dots are revolutionary

Unlike conventional silicon sensors [which do not offer SWIR sensing] and InGaAs sensors [prohibitively expensive], INFIQ® quantum dots tech makes high performance and low-cost SWIR sensing and imaging a reality. The INFIQ®quantum dots tech is a true platform technology that can be used for many applications in our daily lives. INFIQ® quantum dots and quantum dot inks offer unparalleled advantages in their performance and cost. Our products are already in great demand from the industry, are set to fuel sensing and imaging supply chain companies’ product development, and they bring the best infrared sensing and imaging future to everyone.

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