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INFIQ® quantum dots are infrared absorbing quantum dots that can be precisely tuned throughout the near infrared (NIR) and short-wave infrared (SWIR). This gives wavelength range sensitivity from 700nm – 2400nm which, combined with solution-based processability, is game changing for the global image sensor market.

The SWIR photodetection and imaging markets are predicted to grow by over 50% each year to 2027, to a size of nearly $4 billion. This incredible growth is driven by the vast array of applications where SWIR light enables functions that were not previously possible.


INFIQ® quantum dot materials formulation


  • High performance lead-containing QDs
  • Wavelength: 700 – 2400 nm
  • Solution or solid


  • High performance lead-free QDs
  • Wavelength: 800 – 1600 nm
  • Solution 


Quantum Science has been working with several leading global companies to implement INFIQ® quantum dots’ technology platform for various applications.


An ever-expanding number of innovative applications such as facial recognition, augmented reality, distance measurements, and low light vision are entering the consumer and mobile market space. These customer-driven features are dependent upon high performance sensors to deliver effective and innovative experiences. At the same time, the burgeoning bill-of-materials (BOM) is a key driver to control costs for consumers where value and performance are strict requirements.

IoT devices

Smart home devices improve the quality of life. For example, in this classic IoT scenario, INFIQ® quantum dots technology will improve Ambient Light Sensors to help the IoT improve the accuracy of its environment perception.

Moreover, INFIQ® SWIR quantum dots absorber can act as the under-screen light sensors that support illuminance measurements and proximity sensing more effectively than conventional 940nm solutions. The INFIQ® technology enables ultra-thin light sensors to be placed under the screen or in its ultra-narrow frame to meet the full-screen application requirements of various displays such as mobile phones, smart watches, and bracelets. This can provide functions such as self-adaptive adjustments of brightness, and automatic brightness/switching off screen to prevent accidental touches.


The emergence of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) help enrich the user experience for both productivity applications in industry and consumer sensory experiences in the metaverse. An eye-tracking system is a crucial technology for head-mounted devices. Ensuring the safety of the user’s eyes during long term use is the future challenge for this technology. INFIQ® quantum dots leverage the flexibility of the material to further refine these devices by setting the bands that reduce eye damage beyond existing technologies.

Security & Surveillance

The SWIR sensor’s perspective and visual enhancement capabilities can help the emergency services accurately view incidents in real-time and better implement rescue efforts. Clear camera recording is vital in high-end applications such as surveillance, safety, and security. Therefore, a global shutter with a wide dynamic range, low light sensitivity, fast-moving objects and a camera module with low power consumption and easy installation is necessary.

INFIQ® quantum dots absorber make CMOS image sensors suitable for a broad range of products in this rapidly growing market.


Modern and future vehicles will use a dense array of imagers and detectors serving many different purposes both internally and externally. For example, LIDAR is used for 3D mapping of surroundings in autonomous vehicle control, internal 3D cameras for gesture recognition and driver monitoring, and night vision imaging of the surroundings. A modern TESLA car can have eight external cameras alone!

Industry automation & Machine vision

INFIQ® quantum dots make the invisible visible. Cameras equipped with INFIQ® technology combined with artificial intelligence will transform quality management systems in manufacturing and sorting facilities. The cameras operate in the near-infrared (NIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths allowing them to pinpoint defects in silicon wafers, observe fill levels in opaque bottles, and bruising in fruits.

Unlike the prohibitively expensive InGaAs detectors, the low cost INFIQ® quantum dots absorber can be used in more comprehensive in-line process inspections and for quality control in manufacturing.

Hyperspectral imaging

Hyperspectral imaging collects information across the electromagnetic spectrum to identify and discriminate between materials and objects extending capabilities into the SWIR wavelength region allows a wide range of applications in chemical and material sorting, pharmaceutical manufacture, food and precision agriculture, and recycling to name a few. Cost effective SWIR detection with INFIQ® quantum dots at wavelengths >1700 nm competes with extended InGaAs which carries even higher cost than standard InGaAs.

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