Quantum Science: News on lead-free materials, inks and devices

Quantum Science Ltd (QS Ltd) announces its exciting achievements in lead-free quantum dot material synthesis, ink formulations and optoelectronic devices.

Lead-free quantum dots [QDs] with tuneable absorption wavelengths from the visible to the short-wave infrared (~ 1500nm) have been demonstrated for the first time at QS Ltd. Our industrial scale technology offers a practical alternative to toxic and heavy metal-containing quantum dots, meeting the increasing demand from industry for more environmentally-friendly materials for many applications.

QS Ltd has also developed an ink system for lead-free materials whereby the QDs retain their optical properties and show good colloidal and storage stability. Our QD ink technology allows industry to produce high quality colloidal QD films on large substrates, with a minimal number of defects and waste of materials, leading to high yields and lowering costs.

The device engineers at QS Ltd have also achieved a first demonstration of near infrared (NIR) lead-free QD materials from single layer deposition QD inks. This ink approach drastically simplifies and improves the common layer-by-layer approach to building thick QD films. The NIR lead-free devices have the highest EQE ever reported (45% at a reverse bias voltage of -1V) and their spectral response is measured out to 1000 nm.

Dr Hao Pang, QS’s founder and CEO says, “I am very pleased to see our team has achieved yet another significant technical milestone. We see a rising demand for infrared lead-free QDs from the industry, however they are known for their challenging chemistry. The recent achievement not only proves QS’s leading technical position in the industry but also could broaden QS’s leading INFIQ® QD product portfolio. The leading INFIQ® lead-free QD technology offers a perfect infrared QD sensing technical solution all the way from materials and processes to devices. This gives the sensing and imaging industries an opportunity to access for the first time the best performance commercial lead-free QD materials and technologies.”