Nano in size, big on sustainability and performance Quantum Science achieves leading device performance for lead-free SWIR

The leading UK-based nanomaterials innovator Quantum Science has launched INFIQ® lead-free (LF) – quantum dot (QD), a quantum dot technology that is lead-free, and continues to push the boundaries of what sustainable nanotechnology can accomplish.

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to making advanced material technology accessible, effective and versatile, INFIQ® LF-QDs are tuned out to the SWIR, an ideal spectral region of interest for applications such as telecommunications, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), surveillance and safety. Such long wavelengths from this class of material represent the state of the art in the field and places QS as the technology leader.

Further showcasing the potential of Quantum Science’s development, short-wave infrared (SWIR) devices fitted with INFIQ® LF-QD have demonstrated external quantum efficiency (EQE) in excess of 20% at low bias conditions. Higher EQE is found to be possible with a higher operating bias, which creates significant potential for market leading performance and underlines INFIQ® LF-QD as the new benchmark in quantum dot technology.

Dr Hao Pang, CEO and founder of Quantum Science, said: “With the market launch of INFIQ® LF-QD, we are welcoming a new dawn in what nanotechnology can achieve and importantly, we are accomplishing this without the use of lead.”

“Demand from the industry is climbing, which makes our lead-free technology all the more vital. We are connecting with diverse customers, including image sensor fabricators, design houses, camera module makers, semiconductor material suppliers and process technology specialists to name just a few examples of where the technology is making waves.”

“We pride ourselves on leading the market, but that alone isn’t enough – we are also making it scalable and accessible. With INFIQ® LF-QD, we are targeting real market disruption and technology that makes a true difference to the world around us. Our work has recently featured in one of the UK’s largest newspaper publications, which highlights that what we are doing goes far beyond industry standard.”

Dr Pang added: “The development and launch of our lead-free quantum dot technology is just a small indicator of where we’re taking the business in the long-term. Nanotechnology is central to the success of the technology sector in all its guises, which means what we do today has an impact on tomorrow. By adding sustainability to the mix and letting it enhance, rather than hinder, material performance for SWIR devices, we are creating something very special.”

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