——Obtaining national support to rapidly scaleup the production of QS’ world-leading infrared sensing materials.

Quantum Science Ltd (QS), a leading British nanomaterials innovator and developer, is proud to have been accepted on Innovate UK Edge’s Scaleup Programme, following a rigorous highly competitive three-stage screening process.


QS has successfully developed the best-in-class infrared quantum dots called INFIQ® QDs. Its materials and technology are in high demand from industry. They are set to disrupt the multi-billion USD machine vision and sensing markets by their superior performance in optoelectronic devices used for mobile [VR/AR, low light imaging, eye tracking, face ID], automotive [LiDAR, gesture tracking], IoT devices, security and surveillance and spectrometers for healthcare, industrial and environmental applications.


The Scaleup Programme supports a select group of companies on a journey of exponential growth. QS was identified as a highly innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented company already on its scaling journey, whose innovations and business models will disrupt an existing market, and who is already implementing their international strategy. The initiative will help QS scale up production of its world-leading innovative materials, further enhancing its technical competitiveness and meeting its customers’ growing needs.


At the centre of the service is a team of high calibre scaleup directors who operate together as a board and provide each of the companies on the programme with a matrix of skills and connectivity. The scaleup directors will help QS structure itself for global growth and work with the company to understand the particular set of needs that it faces on its scaling journey.


Dr Hao Pang, founder and CEO of QS, comments:


QS is rapidly becoming a globally recognised tech leader in the QD industry. Its leading INFIQ® QDs, including lead-based QDs and lead-free QDs, have demonstrated the best-in-class performance and industry champion device performance. QS is receiving high demand from industry. Winning a place on Innovate UK Edge’s Scaleup Programme is another demonstration and proof of confidence that QS’ leading infrared QD sensing tech will transform the UK and the world. We are honoured to be a winner on this programme. We feel more confident than ever to transform QS into a British world-leading scaled nanomaterials business by working with the team of national high scaleup calibre [30 scaleup directors]. I am passionate about the scaleup journey ahead with Innovate UK scaleup team.


Maxine Adam, Head of Business Growth at Innovate UK, says, ‘Our work with the QS team is a great example of just how much value this programme can add to the endeavours of the business leaders we support. The inputs are varied and blend strategic thinking with invaluable hands-on tactical guidance, to create outcomes that deliver real commercial advantage. It’s a pleasure working with QS at this pivotal time for their business.’


Speaking about the programme, she adds, ‘Admission onto the Scaleup Programme is a rigorous and highly selective process. To be eligible, selectors look for innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented companies that are already on their scaling journey.  QS is a perfect candidate in this respect and, together with the Enterprise Europe Network, we are looking forward to helping it scale up, drive growth, and realise its potential as a high-performing and world-leading business’.


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