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Leading UK-based nanomaterials innovator Quantum Science Ltd (‘QS’) is set to reveal vital insights from the development of its groundbreaking INFIQ®quantum dots (‘QDs’) at this year’s Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum.

Dr Stuart Stubbs, Product Director at QS, will remotely address delegates on Thursday 27 October at 10AM PT, delivering a highly anticipated talk on the development of lead and lead-free QDs. The talk at the prestigious event, hosted in San Francisco, CA, focuses on simplifying solution processing for short wave infrared (‘SWIR’) photodetectors by using QD inks.

QDs are considered to be the best choice of semiconductor for SWIR-capable photodiode devices by industry experts as they are low-cost, offer a high spectral range, and are suitable for high-resolution imaging.

Looking ahead to the conference, Dr Stubbs said, “SWIR photodetection is set to evolve from a niche market into mass market-disrupting technology. We have assembled a world-leading team of QD experts and have broken new ground in producing a robust, reliable, scalable lead QD, lead-free QD, and QD ink synthesis process.

“Our key breakthrough was in our single-step deposition process, using QD inks for defect-free wafer-scale processing. We are keen to share more about it at the P&QDIF show as it has huge ramifications across our sector.”

Running from October 25-27, the event brings together the world’s leading experts from across the nanomaterials industry and academia. Dr Stubbs added that he was relishing the opportunity to speak to a diverse, engaged audience.

“The free exchange of ideas is what drives our industry,” he noted. “Everyone at QS is looking forward to inspiring our peers with insights from our work on INFIQ®technology and to gain further knowledge and insight as we refine our game-changing QDs ready for market.”

This year, the event will be held at the Hotel Kabuki, adjacent to the historic Fillmore District in San Francisco. Delegates can attend both in person or virtually to gain insight into the photonics and nanomaterials industries, with other topics on the agenda, including QD-OLED displays, micro-LEDs, and phosphors.

To learn more about Quantum Science, its work, and its presence at future events, please visit www.quantumscis.com.

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