Quantum Science Ltd has reacted with delight following the release of research that predicts phenomenal growth in the quantum dot (QD) market throughout the remainder of the decade. 

The report, published by Research Reports World, highlighted the QD market as one of the most exciting areas of growth in the sensing and imaging field, with a CAGR of 14.35% between now and 2030. This level of growth would see what was once a niche ‘deep tech’ market segment blossom into a near-billion-dollar industry by the end of the decade. 

QDs are light-sensitive nanocrystals that respond to different wavelengths of light depending on their size. This enables a highly efficient conversion of light into electrical signals for near-infrared (NIR) and short-wave infrared (SWIR) sensing and imaging applications. 

Dr Hao Pang, CEO and founder of Quantum Science, welcomed the report, saying, “This report shows we are on the brink of an exciting new dawn, not just in the QD field, but in sensing and imaging, automation, IoT devices, consumer technology, and in all markets where QDs can drive game-changing innovations. 

“We are delighted to be working at the leading edge of this exciting industry with our high-performance INFIQ® QDs. Our technology has demonstrated industry-leading performance thanks to our QD inks which enable a unique single-layer deposition process. INFIQ® is the most cost-effective and scalable technology that will drive the QD segment to new heights.” 

Quantum Science’s patented INFIQ® technology and process are at the core of its pioneering work in developing lead-free QDs. It recently revealed lead-free QDs that responded to 1,550nm waveband light – a first for the QD sector, and a significant step towards QD adoption in consumer devices.  

“Many high-performance QDs are made with lead, which – while highly photosensitive – is a highly restricted material as it poses serious health risks,” added Dr Pang. “Lead-free QDs bypass this problem entirely, meaning they are best-placed to drive our industry into its billion-dollar future – and beyond!” 

To learn more about Quantum Science and its groundbreaking INFIQ® technology, please visit www.quantumscis.com.

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