Exporting for success: Lessons from the international SWIR market 

Quantum Science

On 28 June, Quantum Science will be acknowledged alongside other innovative businesses at the Northern Powerhouse Export Awards.  This recognition means a great deal to us. As a Deep Tech start-up that only began in 2018, Quantum Science finds itself considered among the foremost entrepreneurs and innovators of the region in the ‘New to Export’ […]

At 1,550nm, INFIQ® lead-free quantum dots accelerate SWIR to consumer markets 

The future of lead-free quantum dots (QDs) is now.  At Quantum Science, we’re committed to leading on innovation. Our INFIQ® QD infrared technology brings the best infrared QD materials to our partners and customers, offering industry leading broadband tunability, stability, and uniformity. Our unique QD inks unlock low-cost and scalable wafer-scale processing.  And now, our […]

SWIR imaging for environmental purposes 

Sustainability is one of the greatest issues of our time. From multinational businesses to individuals, we’re seeing more and more action being taken to reduce our collective impact on the environment.  New technologies are one of the best tools we have towards achieving this goal. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, technological developments are […]

Quantum dots make solar panels shine

Perovskite Solar Panel

Quantum dots (QDs) are already revolutionising consumer technologies. From enabling real-time health tracking in smart watches, to boosting the performance of home security systems, these nanoscale light-sensitive particles provide astounding benefits for short-wave infrared light sensing and imaging. However, as QD synthesis processes advance, this technology will also start benefitting the systems that we use […]

INFIQ® technology: Leading the way for new sensing applications

The quantum revolution is here. From consumer electronics to industrial spectroscopy, electronics manufacturers are recognising the value of INFIQ® quantum dot (QD) technology for imaging and sensing applications. Capable of detecting everything from visible to short-wave infrared (SWIR) light, INFIQ® QDs are the solution that makes high-performance SWIR sensing a reality. Mass market technologies like […]

Facilitating the future with INFIQ® quantum dot inks

The machine sensing era is upon us. From car manufacturers to social media firms, the world’s largest companies are actively seeking out the technology that will unlock the next leap forwards in the imaging field. Quantum dots (QDs) hold the answers these tech giants are looking for. These nanoscale semiconductors that can absorb and emit […]

Quantum Science subject of heightened press interest following international deal

Quantum Science subject of heightened press interest following international deal British quantum dot (QD) developer Quantum Science has been the subject of rapidly intensifying press interest following its announcement of an international distribution deal. The Daresbury-based innovator of INFIQ® Quantum Dots (QDs) recently announced a partnership with Japanese chemical and technology giant Nishimura Chemitech. Quantum […]

What are INFIQ® quantum dots?

What are INFIQ® quantum dots? Quantum dots first entered the consumer electronics market almost a decade ago. Their ability to produce pin-sharp colour accuracy coupled with a wide colour gamut make them perfect for mass-market display technologies like TVs and computer monitors. However, this is just scratching the surface of the potential of quantum dots. […]